Identify the differences and uses of the gate valve and the globe valve

Many users or installation and construction units often install valves to the pipeline, do not know whether to choose the gate valve or globe valve as the main switch or pipeline bypass switch. The aspect of different types of valves is actually different; even the same type of valve, if the valve structure is different, then it will also lead to differences in the performance and scope of application of the valve. Now we will be from the advantages and disadvantages of the gate valve and globe valve to make a difference.

Gate valve is a relatively widely used valve in petrochemical, steam pipeline, water system engineering and other industries, according to the different internal structure of the gate valve, can be divided into: কীলক গেট ভালভ, resilient gate valve, double gate valve, parallel gate valve. According to the opening degree of the gate valve and the relationship between the stem and the body position of the gate valve can also be divided into open stem gate valve and concealed stem gate valve.

gate valve globe valve

The advantages of gate valves compared with globe valves are:

1, The gate valves are generally not used as media flow adjustment valves, generally used as normally open, normally closed valves;

2, The gate valve sealing performance is also better than the globe valve;

3, Under the same working conditions, the gate valve has less fluid resistance;

4, The open size of the gate valve can be identified from the lifting height of the stem;

5, Compared to the globe valve, gate valve caliber can be larger, such as gate valve can be made into a large diameter valve greater than DN500;

6,The gate valve is also a wide range of applications, in addition to the conventional application of steam, oil and other media, gate valves can also be used for containing granular solids and viscosity of the media, and gate valves are suitable for doing protection valves, venting valves and low vacuum system valves;

7, The gate valves are not restricted by the flow direction of the medium, gate valve is a double flow valve.

উন্নত ভালভ প্রযুক্তি

The Gate valves also have their drawbacks:

1, The gate valve processing will be more complex than the globe valve;

2, The gate valve sealing surface wear is not easy to repair;

3, The gate valve is larger in size, the gate valve opening and closing time is also longer;

4, At higher temperatures, wedge single gate valve sealing performance is not as good as the resilient gate valve or double gate valve, wedge single gate valve for high temperature media prone to coking;

5,In high-temperature media, the resilient gate valve has good sealing performance and is not easily stuck when heated, it is suitable for steam, high-temperature oil and oil and gas and other media, also suitable for frequent switching parts, but not for media prone to coking.

The globe valve is mainly used to cut off the medium of the pipeline to do the switch valve, globe valve opening and closing the required torque is larger, so the diameter of the globe valve is usually DN ≤ 200mm; globe valve opening height is small, closing time is also shorter than the gate valve.

The performance characteristics of globe valves are as follows:

1,Compared with the gate valve, the adjustment performance of the globe valve is better. যাহোক, the stem of the globe valve is not lifted from the handwheel, so it is not easy to identify the valve opening, which makes it difficult to identify the size of the valve adjustment;

2, The fluid resistance of the globe valve is also greater than the gate valve, বল ভালভ, plug valve;

3, The sealing surface of the globe valve is smaller than that of the gate valve;

4, The sealing of the globe valve is worse than the gate valve; if there are particles and other impurities in the media, the sealing surface of the globe valve is easily damaged when the valve is closed;

5, The cost of the globe valve is cheaper than the gate valve;

6, The globe valve is usually suitable for steam; not suitable for use in viscosity, with particles, easy to coke, easy to precipitate media, and also unsuitable for evacuation systems and low vacuum system valves.

সংক্ষেপে, the gate valve is suitable for doing the larger diameter of the pipeline, while the diameter of the globe valve are generally ≤ DN200mm.

Globe valve on the pipeline medium cleanliness requirements are relatively high, if the medium contains impurities will easily damage the sealing surface of the globe valve, resulting in poor sealing performance of the globe valve. And gate valve can be well suited to easy coking, particles, easy to precipitate, viscous media. Many oil pipeline valves in the oilfield, oil depots are selected gate valves, especially the flat gate valve. In the water supply system, generally choose to use open stem or concealed stem soft seal gate valve.

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