Farpro Yuanda Valve leidt de groene en slimme transformatie van de sector

Farpro Yuanda klep was aanwezig op de 2024 Jaarvergadering van de China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, showcasing their latest technological achievements and leading the industry towards green and intelligent transformation.The event took place in Qingdao and included the Urban Water Technology and Product Exhibition. Farpro Yuanda valve, a prominent company in China’s valve industry, exhibited their wind and solar hybrid power generation systems, agricultural and forestry irrigation valves, remote communication systems, valve position sensors, and intelligent valve series. These advanced valve systems provide innovation-driven green intelligence solutions to inject strong impetus into the process of urban water modernization.

Intelligent interconnection opens a new era of valves

One of the major breakthroughs presented by Farpro Yuanda valve was the wind and solar hybrid power generation system, which integrates solar photovoltaic and wind power generation technologies to provide efficient use of natural resources and stable, clean power supply for valve equipment. This move significantly reduces the energy cost of valve operation and effectively reduces carbon emissions, setting an example for building a green and low-carbon urban water service system.

The Farpro Yuanda valve’s FarEasTone communication system and valve position sensor showcased at the exhibition marked the valve’s entry into the Internet of Things era. The embedded communication module and cloud platform enable valve status and operating data to be transmitted to the monitoring center in real time, allowing for remote monitoring, fault warning, data analysis, and other functions. This digital and networked valve solution provides key components for building smart water infrastructure and helps urban water management enter a new stage of refinement and intelligence.

Continuous innovation injects impetus into the company’s high-quality development

Farpro Yuanda valve’s scientific research team successfully designed azero leakagedome valve in response to a foreign customer’s request for a valve that would not leak when in the closed state. This achievement fills a gap in the industry since there were nozero leakageproducts in the strict sense for a long time. The dome valve’s spherical valve core and concave valve seat precisely match each other, ensuring no leakage during the opening and closing process of the valve.

Located in Longyao County, Xingtai City, Provincie Hebei, Farpro Yuanda valve is a manufacturer of high, medium, and low-pressure valves. Its products are mainly used in water conservancy, chemische industrie, petroleum, and other fields. Farpro Yuanda valve has established cooperative relationships with many universities, established technology innovation centers and R&D institutions, and hired talents in smelting, materialen, forging, en meer. With over 360 people in the scientific research team, the company focuses on the development of high-end water utilization and chemical industry valve products, solving process and technical problems, and promoting the formation of a research and development system ofone generation of research and development, one generation of reserve, and one generation of production.Farpro Yuanda valve relies on its own scientific research strength to achieve sustainable development. The product showroom of Farpro Yuanda valve Company is filled with valves of various sizes and sizes. Momenteel, Farpro Yuanda valve’s product categories have grown from 3 serie en 24 specifications to more than 200 series and more than 4,000 specifications, and the annual production capacity has increased from more than 300 tons to more than 120,000 ton.

In the future, Farpro Yuanda valve will continue to deepen technology research and development, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, promote the formulation of industry standards, and cultivate professional talents. The company aims to lead the valve industry towards modernization and industrial transformation and create value for global cooperation partners.