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H41W Lift check valves are a type of check valve that operate by lifting a disc to allow fluid to flow in one direction and preventing flow in the opposite direction when the fluid is stopped or there is backflow.

Farpro Valve’s H41W lift check valves made of stainless steel offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for preventing backflow in various industrial applications.

lift check valve stainless steel

H41W Lift Check Valve - Stainless Steel

Body: CF8
Disk: CF8
Cap: CF8
Union Cap Ring: CF8
Body Seat Ring: CF8

Nominal Diameter DN: 40-200mm

Lift Check Valve ModelNominal Pressure (Mpa)Test Pressure Strength(Mpa)Test Pressure Seal(Mpa)TemperatureRange of use
H41W- ℃water, gas, oil, Nitric acid, و غیره.
H41W- ℃water, gas, oil, Nitric acid, و غیره.

Advantages of Farpro H41W Lift Check Valve

  1. Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel lift check valves offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in harsh or corrosive environments.
  2. Durability: Stainless steel is known for its durability and ability to withstand high pressure and temperature, ensuring a long service life for the valve.
  3. Low maintenance: Stainless steel lift check valves require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and costs associated with repairs.
  4. Versatility: Stainless steel lift check valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, including oil and gas, شیمیایی, and petrochemical industries.
  5. High flow capacity: The streamlined design of Farpro Valve’s lift check valves allows for high flow capacity, making them ideal for applications where high flow rates are required.

Farpro Valve Beliefs

We believe that treating each product seriously and receiving each customer sincerely are the most important things for Farpro Valve.

Our lift check valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, اما ما قطعا صادق ترین سازنده و وفادارترین شریک شما خواهیم بود.

farpro valve manufacturer supplier

Farpro Valve is a globally recognized manufacturer that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality valves. With years of experience in research, توسعه, تولید, و فروش شیرآلات, we have become one of the most trusted valve manufacturers in the industry.

We offer a wide range of valve products that meet international standards such as GB/JB, API, ANSI, AWWA, از جانب, او, GOST, NF, among others. Our products are available in 12 دسته بندی های اصلی, 200 سلسله, و 4000 اندازه ها, از جمله دریچه های دروازه, دریچه های کره ای, دریچه های توپ, دریچه های پروانه ای, شیرهای چک, دریچه های دیافراگمی, شیرهای کاهش فشار, دریچه های پلاگین, and traps, among others.

Our annual output of 80,000 tons is a testament to our commitment to meeting the ever-increasing demands of our clients. Our valves are widely used in various industries such as petroleum, پتروشیمی, شیمیایی, قدرت الکتریکی, متالورژی, حفظ آب, ساخت و ساز, دارویی, زه کشی, and many more.

در Farpro Valve, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our products are sold in various regions, از جمله آلمان, انگلستان, فرانسه, ایتالیا, برزیل, لهستان, and over 30 other countries and regions in Europe, آسیای مرکزی, غرب آسیا, and beyond.

    از اینکه Farpro Valve را به عنوان شریک مورد نظر خود در نظر می گیرید متشکریم.

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