Farpro Yuanda -venttiili: Leading the Industry towards Higher End

Thirteen even cross machining workshop for valve
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Farpro Yuanda Valve Company, as the leader in the local industrial cluster, is guiding the valve industry towards higher-end development with robust innovation and technological strength.

Farpro Yuanda Valve Group establishing a research team of over 360 people, filling industry gaps, and obtaining more than 100 patents.

Allocating over 3% of sales revenue for innovative research and development, significantly expanding products in the international market.

Adopting large-scale intelligent production lines and robotic processing, increasing product qualification rate from 90% to over 99.9%

Longyao County Yuanda Valve Company is aleadingenterprise in the county’s characteristic industry cluster. Currently, the company is swiftly constructing a precision valve project with an annual processing capacity of 50,000 tonnia, expected to be completed in August. After full operation, it will add an annual output value of 1.8 miljardi yuania, enhancing the company’s competitiveness and leading the valve industry towards higher-end development.

Emphasizing Independent Innovation

Vesiportin takaiskuventtiili
Big Water Gate -takaiskuventtiili

Product specifications have grown from 24 to over 4,000.

Recently, Yuanda Valve Company successfully passed the re-evaluation of the 2023 provincial technology innovation demonstration enterprise. “This will further motivate us to increase investment in technological innovation and strengthen core technical breakthroughs,” said Dong Ruipeng, Manager of the Chemical Technology Department.

In its early days, Yuanda Valve had only three series and 24 specifications. With a small scale, limited varieties, and low technological content, it needed to engage in technological research, improve quality, and increase variety for faster development.

In the field of high-end water utility and chemical valves, Far-reaching Valve has established a research and development system of one generation in research, one in reserve, and one in production, successfully solving technological challenges and gaining more market share.

In technological research, talent is the key.

advances valve technology
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Yuanda Valve has established partnerships with multiple universities, formed technology innovation centers, research and development institutions, and hired talents in metallurgy, materials, forging, and other fields. They assembled a research team of over 360 people, focusing on developing high-end valves for water utilization and chemical applications, solving process and technical problems, and establishing a research and development system ofresearch one generation, reserve one generation, produce one generation.

A foreign client once needed a “nollavuoto” product, requiring the valve not to leak in the closed state. Before this, although there were leakage standards in the industry, there were no products strictly defined aszero-leakage.

With no precedents to refer to, we organized a research team to independently develop it,” said Dong Ruipeng. After hundreds of experiments, they successfully designed the “nollavuoto” dome valve. In comparison to traditional wedge-type valves, the dome valve consists of a spherical valve core and a precisely matched concave valve seat. During the opening and closing process, the two always fit closely, achieving no leakage. This technology also filled a gap in the industry.

With the development of new varieties, industry gaps have been filled. Currently, the company’s products cover national standards, American standards, German standards, Japanese standards, Russian standards, ja enemmän, widely used in water conservancy, kemianteollisuus, municipal construction, electricity, metallurgia, medicine, and various other sectors.

Through continuous technological breakthroughs, now we have over 200 series and more than 4,000 specifications. Our annual production capacity has grown from 300 tons to 120,000 tonnia,” said Dong Ruipeng.

Targeting the High-end Market

cast steel valve industrial
Farpro Cast Steel Valve Industrial

Over 3% of sales revenue is used for innovation and research.

Don’t underestimate these small valves; there are many pathways between opening and closing, especially for high-end valves used in engineering fields, which have high requirements for tightness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, precision, etc.,explained Dong Ruipeng while pointing at different models in Farpro Yuanda Valve’s product showroom.

Viime vuosina, the company has allocated over 3% of its annual sales revenue for innovation and research, enhancing core technologies and improving product quality. As of now, they have accumulated 131 authorized patents and evaluated six technological achievements.

Currently, Yuanda Valve has developed into a leading domestic enterprise in the manufacturing of valves for water and chemical systems, participating in the formulation of industry standards.

The road of innovation never stops.

Cast steel workshop room

On the east side of Yuanda Valve’s old plant, a large-scale workshop is under rapid construction. “This is our precision casting valve project, with a total investment of 1.24 miljardi yuania, using world-advanced equipment to enhance process automation and product accuracy,” said Zhang Yao, head of the Information Department of the Chemical Business Department. They are vigorously advancing this key provincial project, aiming for the high-end market and high-end valve production.

Strong technical capabilities and high-end products quickly expanded the international market.

Last year, we participated in industry exhibitions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, deepening exchanges with new and old customers and showcasing Yuanda Valve’s high-quality products and services to the world,” said Yan Guoping, Chairman of the company. Through expanding overseas markets, they plan to tap into more sources, further forging the company’s strength.

In the first ten months of 2023, Yuanda Valve’s sales revenue approached 1.7 miljardi yuania, with export volume increasing by over 74% compared to the same period last year.

AdvancingDigital-Physical Integration

Product qualification rate increased from 90% to over 99.9%.

Today, in Yuanda Valve Company’s high-end forging intelligent manufacturing workshop, workers can set parameters by gently touching the visual screen, and mechanical arms can follow instructions for loading, clamping, and unloading.

This workshop has several indicators leading domestically.Xun Zengpu, administrative director, introduced that by extensively adopting intelligent production lines and robotic processing, the annual output of the forging workshop has increased from 2,000 tons to over 5,000 tonnia, and the product qualification rate has increased from 90% to over 99.9%.

Sisään 2023, Yuanda Valve utilized the “5G+industrial internet platform to accelerate industrial digital transformation, promote the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and enhance the digitalization of various links in the industrial chain, such as research and development design, production manufacturing, jne.

On one hand, by establishing a comprehensive digital management system, integrating data from all aspects of the enterprise, and realizing data sharing and collaboration, they aim to improve the flexibility and efficiency of production operations. Toisaalta, through digital transformation, they seek to optimize customer service, enhance customer satisfaction, and thus improve the company’s competitiveness and market position.

Entering the new year, while Farpro Yuanda Valve is actively constructing the precision casting valve project, it will seize new opportunities in the digital era, accelerate the construction of intelligent production lines and smart factories, and continue to maintain its leading position, driving the industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading.

Farpro Yuanda Valve Company is not just an industry leader; it is also a representative of science and innovation, injecting strong impetus into local economic upgrading and outlining a more brilliant blueprint for the future development of the valve industry.