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osy gate valve

Farpro’s OS&Y-luukkuventtiili (Ulkopuolinen ruuvi ja ike) on suosittu luistiventtiilityyppi, jota käytetään laajasti eri teollisuudenaloilla. The valve features an exposed stem design, with the valve flap being raised or lowered by a threaded drive mechanism located between the stem and the steering wheel.

While the valve does require a relatively large installation space, its simple structure and easy maintenance make it a reliable choice for many applications. The OS&Y gate valve is a versatile option that can be used in a range of industries, from oil and gas to water treatment and beyond.

Os&y Gate Valve MaterialStandardActuated ModeApplications and Uses
cast iron, valuterästä, ruostumaton teräsAPI, FROM, HÄN, KS, EN, BS, EAC, NFmanual operation, electric actuator, actuated of water/air/oilSimple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing process, wide range of application.

Advantages of OS&Y Gate Valve

OS&Y (Ulkopuolinen ruuvi ja ike) gate valves have several advantages that make them a popular choice in various industries. Here are some of the key advantages of OS&Y gate valves:

OS&Y gate valves are a popular choice in many industries due to their numerous advantages. One key advantage is their easy maintenance, thanks to the exposed stem design. This allows for quick and easy access to the stem and replacement of damaged parts without disassembling the valve. Additionally, these valves are durable and can withstand high pressure and temperature fluctuations due to their sturdy construction and use of corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or bronze.

Another benefit of the exposed stem is visual indication of valve position, which can aid operators in identifying if the valve is open or closed. OS&Y gate valves can be used in a wide range of applications, kuten vedenkäsittely, kemiallinen käsittely, power generation, and oil and gas industries, due to their high performance with minimal leakage, making them ideal for applications where tight shut-off is required.

Overall, OS&Y gate valves are a reliable and versatile valve option with many benefits for various industries and applications.

Types of Os&y Gate Valves

Farpro Valve uskomukset

parhaan venttiilituotteen suunnittelussa

Uskomme, että jokaisen tuotteen vakava kohtelu ja jokaisen asiakkaan vilpitön vastaanottaminen ovat Farpro Valvelle tärkeimpiä asioita.

Our gate valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, mutta olemme varmasti rehellisin valmistaja ja uskollisin kumppanisi.

Farpro Valve is a large global valve manufacturer engaged in the research, kehitystä, production and sales of valves.

Our product standards include: GB/JB, API, ANSI, AWWA, FROM, HÄN, GOST, NF, jne.

Our gate valves are available in 12 pääkategoriat, 200 series and 4000 koot, mukaan lukien sulkuventtiilit, palloventtiilit, Palloventtiilit, läppäventtiilit, Tarkista venttiilit, kalvoventtiilit, paineenalennusventtiilit, tulppaventtiilit, ansoja, jne.

The annual output reaches 80,000 tonnia. All products are widely used in petroleum, petrokemian, kemiallinen, Sähkövoima, metallurgia, vesihuolto, rakentaminen, farmaseuttinen, drainage and other fields.

Our products sell well in the markets of Germany, Englanti, Ranska, Italia, Brasilia, Poland and more than 30 Euroopan maissa ja alueilla, Keski-Aasia, Länsi-Aasia, jne.

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