Floating Ball Valve Cast SteelQ41Ni

Farpro Q41Ni Floating Ball Valve is a type of ball valve that uses a floating ball to control the flow of fluids through a pipeline. The ball is suspended in the valve body by the stem and seals against the valve seats under the pressure of the fluid.

This design allows for a tight seal and low torque requirements, making it an efficient and reliable valve for various industrial applications. Farpro offers a range of floating ball valves in different materials, including stainless steel and cast iron, with various end connections and pressure ratings to meet different requirements.

metal seal floating ball valve

Q41Ni Metal Seal Floating Ball Valve - Лита сталь

Body: WCB
Ball Material: F304+Ni60
Стебло: 17-4PH
Seat: F304+Ni55
Connection Type: Flange

Номінальний діаметр DN: 15-150мм

floating ball valve API cast steel

Q41Ni Floating Ball Valve API - Лита сталь

Body: WCB
Ball Material: F304+Ni60
Стебло: 17-4PH
Seat: F304+Ni55
Connection Type: Flange

Номінальний діаметр DN: 15-100мм

Floating Ball Valve ModelВипробування тиску(МПа)Випробування тиску ущільнення(МПа)ТемператураДіапазон використання
Q41Ni-150LB3.02.2-29~400 ℃води, газ, масло, тощо.
Q41Ni-300LB7.675.62-29~400 ℃води, газ, масло, тощо.
Q41Ni-600LB15.411.3-29~400 ℃води, газ, масло, тощо.

Advantages of WCB floating ball valve

  1. Durability: Cast steel construction provides excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for use in demanding applications.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: The stainless steel floating ball and stem, combined with the cast steel body, provide excellent resistance to corrosion, even in harsh environments.
  3. Low Torque: The floating ball design and low-friction materials used in construction make it easy to operate with minimal torque.
  4. Versatility: Farpro Floating Ball Valves can be used for a wide range of applications, включаючи нафту і газ, хімічний, and petrochemical industries.
  5. Tight Shut-off: The floating ball design ensures a tight shut-off and reliable sealing, preventing leakage and reducing the risk of contamination.
  6. Easy Maintenance: The design of the valve allows for easy maintenance and replacement of parts, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  7. Longevity: With proper maintenance, Farpro Floating Ball Valves can provide long service life, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.

Farpro Valve Beliefs

We believe that treating each product seriously and receiving each customer sincerely are the most important things for Farpro Valve.

Our Floating ball valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, but we will definitely be the most honest manufacturer and your most faithful partner.

farpro valve manufacturer supplier

Farpro Valve is a globally recognized manufacturer that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality valves. With years of experience in research, розвитку, виробництва, та продаж клапанів, we have become one of the most trusted valve manufacturers in the industry.

We offer a wide range of valve products that meet international standards such as GB/JB, API, ANSI, AWWA, ВІД, ВІН, ГОСТ, NF, among others. Our products are available in 12 основні категорії, 200 серії, і 4000 розміри, включаючи засувки, запірні клапани, кульові крани, поворотні клапани, зворотні клапани, діафрагмові клапани, редукційні клапани, пробкові вентилі, and traps, among others.

Our annual output of 80,000 tons is a testament to our commitment to meeting the ever-increasing demands of our clients. Our valves are widely used in various industries such as petroleum, нафтохімічна, хімічний, електрична енергія, металургія, водне господарство, будівництво, фармацевтичний, drainage, and many more.

At Farpro Valve, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our products are sold in various regions, включаючи Німеччину, Англія, Франція, Італія, Бразилія, Польща, and over 30 other countries and regions in Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, and beyond.

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