PTFE PFA Lined Ball Valve

PTFE/PFA lined ball valves are corrosion resistant and anti-corrosion valves specially designed for various pipelines containing corrosive media. According to the working conditions of different valves can choose different lining materials. Such as PTFE, PFA and other corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant materials.

Farpro Valve Supplier can choose to assemble manual operation, handwheel operation, electric control, or gas source control according to different control requirements, different driving, can achieve the switch or adjustment function.

PTFE PFA lined ball valves work widely in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other industrial industries. We suggest that if your factory needs to regulate or cut off the strong corrosive media such as acid and alkali in the production process, then you can consider the use of PTFE PFA lined ball valve more often.

Advantages of PTFE/PFA lined ball valves

These PTFE PFA lined ball valves have high chemical stability and reliable corrosion resistance and sealability. Therefore, it can work in any weak or strong corrosive chemical media: such as various acids, alkalis, salts and other corrosive media for switching or regulating purposes.

PTFE PFA lined ball valve has super corrosion resistance. Inside the valve and inside the ball is 2.5-3mm thick PTFE or PFA and other lining materials. This type of lining can resist acid, alkali, strong corrosion, тощо.

The valve of this structure has small flow resistance, strong flow capacity and good flow characteristics. It adopts soft seal valve seat with good sealing performance.

PTFE/PFA lined ball valve working principle

The ball valve relies on rotating the spool to make the valve open or close. The spool is a ball with a hole, when the center axis of the hole coincides with the center axis of the valve inlet and outlet, the valve opens.

The valve closes by rotating the ball 90° so that the center axis of the hole is perpendicular to the center axis of the valve’s inlet and outlet.