Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are industrial equipment, controlled by electromagnetic force. Which used with different circuits to achieve the desired control and play an indispensable role in control systems. With this, there is a huge market demand for production equipment related to performance testing of solenoid valve products.

Farpro Valve deeply involved in the assembly and production of valves for automotive parts, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, motors, elevators, тощо. In 2015, Farpro established a special solenoid valve research division to vigorously promote the technical development of solenoid valve equipment. And we has developed and established a series of solenoid valve production equipment lines. At the same time, Farpro Valve has provided many types of solenoid valves for a number of companies.

Types of Farpro Solenoid Valves

  • Solenoid valve for water
  • Solenoid valve for gas
  • Explosion-proof solenoid valve
  • Steam solenoid valve
  • High temperature and high pressure solenoid valve
  • High-end solenoid valve
  • Gas solenoid valve
  • Vacuum solenoid valve
  • Corrosion resistant solenoid valve
  • 2 position 3 way solenoid valve
  • Special order solenoid valve

Tests required for a qualified solenoid valve

Among them, Farpro’s solenoid valves can very well meet the needs of most equipment performance testing. Our own test bench consists of frame, test pipeline, test control system, and data acquisition board card. The main purpose is to control different flow rates under certain oil temperature conditions and test the relationship between temperature, viscosity and pressure profiles. Thus, the performance of the solenoid valve is tested.

The test bench can provide up to 90℃ oil temperature test. Oil pressure range control in 1-10bar, flow control range is 0-50cc/s, viscosity test range is 2.5-50cp. electrical control, PLC adopts Siemens. Meanwhile, NI high performance data acquisition board card use to collect each sensor data.

The hydraulic system of the transmission solenoid valve test bench includes an oil temperature heating circuit and a test cycle circuit. The oil temperature in the tank heated from 20°C to 90°C within 1 hour. Moreover, the oil temperature is controlled with an accuracy of ±1°C.

The system automatically alarms and stops when the oil tank level or temperature exceeds the high and low limits to ensure the safety of the bench work process.

At present, Клапан Farpro is still developing and perfecting the technology of solenoid valve making. Farpro now can provide the type of solenoid valve which has covered pump, motor, motor controller, turbocharger, VVT, EPS and other industries. Since always, we have strong expertise in the field of solenoid valves and have accumulated a wealth of project experience.