» 逆止弁の種類

Many 逆止弁の種類 can be made from different materials, 真鍮製逆止弁など, ステンレス製逆止弁, PVC check valve, and cast iron check valve, depending on the application and the fluid or gas properties.

They also known as non-return valves or one-way valves, are mechanical valves that allow the fluid or gas to flow in one direction and prevent backflow. This type have a disc or a ball that rests on a seat, which closes the valve when the flow stops or reverses direction.

Farpro Valve manufacturers offer a wide range of general-purpose check valves and most specialty non-return valves to many industries and businesses. We guarantee the best quality of check valve products while keeping the sales price as low as possible. Our Check valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, しかし、私たちは間違いなく最も誠実なメーカーであり、最も忠実なパートナーになります.


Types of Farpro Check Valves

With a pass rate of over 93% 単一のテスト実行で, our check valves are consistent and accurate, a result of our commitment to utilizing the latest technology and machinery, and adhering to strict quality control measures during the manufacturing process.

We also prioritize timely delivery of our products, with a delivery rate of over 99%. We understand that project timelines and schedules are crucial, and we strive to ensure that our valves are delivered on time to meet our customersneeds.

Advantages of Check Valves

  1. Preventing Backflow: The primary advantage of non-ruturn check valves is that they prevent backflow, which can cause damage to equipment and disrupt the flow of fluid in a system. By preventing backflow, check valves help to maintain system efficiency and prevent costly downtime.
  2. Reduced Maintenance: Check valves require little maintenance compared to other types of one-way valves. They are typically designed to operate without any external power source, 設置とメンテナンスが簡単になる.
  3. Energy Savings: Check valves can help to reduce energy consumption in a system. By preventing backflow, check valves reduce the need for additional pumping power to compensate for the loss of pressure caused by reverse flow. This can result in significant energy savings over time.
  4. Improved System Efficiency: Types of check valves can improve the overall efficiency of a system by maintaining a consistent flow of fluid in one direction. This can help to reduce the wear and tear on equipment and improve the performance of pumps and compressors.
  5. Preventing Water Hammer: Pipelines carrying liquids, such as water distribution systems, rapid changes in flow velocity can cause pressure surges known as water hammer. Check valves help mitigate the effects of water hammer by preventing the sudden reversal of flow, which can lead to pipe damage, leaks, or even system failure.
  6. Maintaining System Pressure: Some pipeline systems, check valves are used to maintain the desired pressure levels. 例えば, in water distribution networks, check valves can prevent the backflow of water from higher-pressure areas to lower-pressure areas, ensuring consistent water pressure throughout the system.
  7. Preventing Backflow of Hazardous Materials: Pipelines carrying hazardous materials, such as chemicals or toxic gases, check valves are essential for preventing backflow and potential leaks or spills that could pose environmental or safety risks.


Swing check valves are the most common type of check valves. They consist of a disk that swings on a hinge, allowing the fluid to flow in one direction and closing when the fluid flows in the opposite direction.
Swing check valves are suitable for applications with low to moderate flow rates, and where back pressure is minimal.


Lift / Piston Check Valve

Lift/Piston check valves are similar to swing check valves, but instead of swinging, ディスクが上下に動くことでバルブが開閉します. Lift check valves are suitable for high-pressure applications and where the flow rate is low to moderate.
Piston check valves are commonly used in oil and gas pipelines, 発電, 採掘, and petrochemical industry applications to prevent backflow of fluids or gases and protect the equipment from damage.



The wafer check valve is thin and structurally stable, so it can be adapted to a wide range of scenarios.
This type check valve is widely used in roommate chemical, metallurgical manufacturing, 医薬品, environmental protection, paper making, 採掘, urban construction, household pipeline and other industries.

ボールチェックバルブ WCB


Ball check valves use a ball-shaped disk to control the flow of fluid. When the fluid flows in the desired direction, the ball moves away from the valve seat, allowing the fluid to pass through.
When the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the ball is pressed against the valve seat, 逆流防止. Ball check valves are suitable for applications with high flow rates and where minimal pressure drop is required.

stop check valve stainless steel


Stop check valves combine the features of a lift check valve and a globe valve. They allow fluid to flow in one direction and close to prevent backflow.
しかし, they also allow the operator to manually close the valve in the event of an emergency or maintenance. Stop check valves are suitable for high-pressure applications and where frequent maintenance is required.

silent check valve


A silent check valve is a type of valve that is designed to prevent backflow in a piping system. The valve body is usually made of metal or plastic and contains the other components of the valve. The nozzle is a small opening in the valve body that allows fluid to flow through. The check valve element is located inside the valve body and is designed to allow fluid to flow in one direction only.
The scope of application of a nozzle check valve can be in a wide range of industries, 石油とガスを含む, 化学薬品, 石油化学, 医薬品, 食品および飲料, そして水処理. These valves can be used in a variety of applications, such as pipelines, pumps, and compressors, to prevent backflow and protect equipment.

The Most Important Applications and Uses of Check Valves



Swing check valves are commonly used in water treatment plants to prevent backflow and protect pumps. According to Farpro's statistics, 一般的な廃水処理のレベルごとに異なるタイプのバルブが使用されていることがわかりました。.

1. 最初のステップ, 一次治療, 懸濁液中の固体汚染物質を除去します, ほとんどの理学療法方法は治療の要件を満たしています. 一次治療後, BODの除去率は一般的に約 30%. Here commonly used valves and pipeline accessories are: ナイフゲートバルブ, triple eccentric butterfly valves, filters, 等.
2. the second step, 下水中のコロイドと溶解有機汚染物質を除去する必要性 (取締役会, COD物質), の除去率 90%, 有機汚染物質が排出基準を満たすようにするため, 浮遊物質除去率まで 95%. The valves commonly used here are soft seal butterfly valves, ゲートバルブ, ボールバルブ, チェックバルブ, 等.
3. the third step, 主な方法には生物学的脱窒とリン除去が含まれます。, 凝集と沈降, 砂ろ過, 活性炭吸着, イオン交換と電気浸透. ここで必要なバルブはバタフライバルブです, 仕切り弁, ボールバルブ, 逆止め弁, ゴム製ソフトジョイント, 等.



Farpro believes that power plant applications put piping and valves under tremendous stress, そのため、バルブには複数の循環テストに耐えられる堅牢な材料と設計が必要です。, 温度と圧力.

Stop check valves are commonly used in power generation applications, where high-pressure steam and fluid must be controlled to ensure safety and prevent damage to equipment.

主蒸気弁に加えて, 発電所には多くの補助パイプラインがあります. これらの補助パイプラインは多種多様なグローブバルブで構成されています, バタフライバルブ, チェックバルブ, ボールバルブ, およびゲートバルブ.



Ball check valves are commonly used in chemical processing applications, where the flow rate is high, and pressure drop is minimal.

油 & ガス・マリン・インダストリアル

Oil & Gas / 海洋産業

ファープロは結論を出した, 世界的な売上とデータに基づく, 世界の石油・ガス採掘産業および輸送産業におけるバルブの需要は成長し続けている. この需要により、石油・ガス業界はより深い掘削​​パイプラインと生産コストの削減を追求するようになりました。, そのため、技術者は高品質のバルブ機器とハードウェアの選択に細心の注意を払っています。.

Diaphragm check valves are suitable for the oil and gas industry, where the fluid may contain debris, and low pressure drop is required.

Farpro Valve が協力した地域と工場?


  • ベトナム盛龍2*300MW火力発電所プロジェクト
  • タイランTPI PP 150MW発電所プロジェクト
  • バングラデシュ・ヒラガンジエ225MWコンバインドサイクル発電所プロジェクト
  • 南アフリカ・ツバツェ鉱山火力炉廃熱発電事業
  • コルラ 2*350MW コージェネレーション プロジェクト
  • カンボジア オレセ水力発電所

Oil&Gas / 石油化学サプライヤー

  • 宝峰エネルギーグループ
  • 中国石油エンジニアリング建設
  • SABIC株式会社 インドネシア天然ガスプロジェクト
  • サウジアラビアにおける物理探査プロジェクト
  • カザフスタン・コルジャン探査プロジェクト
  • ガーナTEMAタンクプロジェクト消火弁購入


  • ポーランド クラクフ送水プロジェクト
  • ウズベキスタン・タステリックポンプ場プロジェクト
  • パキスタンSKプロジェクト
  • アンゴラ・ノヴァ・チャマンゴラ5000TPDプロジェクト, 等.

Farpro バルブの信念

Farpro Valveにとって、一つ一つの製品を真剣に扱い、一人一人のお客様を真摯に受け止めることが最も重要なことであると信じています。.

Our check valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, しかし、私たちは間違いなく最も誠実なメーカーであり、最も忠実なパートナーになります.

Farpro Valve is a global valve manufacturer that specializes in the research, 発達, 生産, and sales of valves for a variety of industries. Our products meet a range of standards including GB/JB, API, ANSI, アワ, から, 彼, ゴスト, とNF.

We offer a wide range of valves, 含む gate type valves, globe type valves, ball type valves, butterfly type valves, check type valves, ダイヤフラムバルブ, 減圧弁, プラグバルブ, そして罠. 当社のバルブは以下で入手可能です 12 大分類, 200 シリーズ, そして 4000 サイズ, providing our customers with ample options to suit their needs.

Our valves are made from a variety of materials, 真鍮を含む, ステンレス鋼, PVC, and cast iron, depending on the application and fluid or gas properties. We ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and reliable in operation.

With an annual output of 80,000 トン, our products are widely used in industries such as petroleum, 石油化学, 化学薬品, 電力, 冶金, 水の保全, 工事, 医薬品, 排水, もっと. Our valves are popular in over 30 ヨーロッパの国と地域, 中央アジア, 西アジア, 以降, ドイツも含めて, イングランド, フランス, イタリア, ブラジル, and Poland.

ファープロバルブにて, we prioritize honesty and integrity and strive to be the most faithful partner to our customers. Our check valves, for example, may not have the lowest price, but we guarantee that we are the most honest manufacturer in the market. Choose Farpro Valve for high-quality products and reliable service.

    Farpro Valve を優先パートナーとして検討していただきありがとうございます.


    What is a check valve?
    A check valve is a mechanical valve that allows fluid to flow in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction.

    What are the types of check valves?
    There are several types of check valves, including swing check valves, リフトチェックバルブ, and ball check valves.

    Where are check valves used?
    Check valves are used in a variety of industries, 石油とガスを含む, 水処理, 化学薬品, food processing, and HVAC.

    What are the advantages of check valves?
    Check valves offer several advantages, including preventing backflow, reducing maintenance, saving energy, and improving system efficiency.

    How do check valves help to save energy?
    Check valve can help to reduce energy consumption in a system by preventing backflow and reducing the need for additional pumping power to compensate for the loss of pressure caused by reverse flow.