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z type globe valve

Flanged steam Z type globe valves are typically designed for steam applications, 低圧用途ではない.

Z type globe valves have a Z-shaped body with a 90-degree turn in the flow path. This design allows for a straight flow path and makes them ideal for applications that require precise flow control.

Flanged steam Z type globe valves are commonly used in steam systems, power generation, and industrial applications that require the regulation of high-temperature steam flow. They are also suitable for use in water treatment plants, chemical plants, 等.

Models of Z Type Globe Valve

Each model of globe valve has its own unique features and advantages that make it suitable for different applications. For example, the bellows sealed Z type globe valve is designed to prevent fluid leakage and is commonly used in corrosive or high-purity applications. The jacketed Z type globe valve is designed to maintain a consistent temperature of the fluid passing through it and is commonly used in industries like food and beverage processing.

Z type globe valves come in various models and sizes to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. Some common models of Z type globe valves include:

  • Flanged Z type globe valve
  • Welded Z type globe valve
  • Threaded Z type globe valve
  • Bellows sealed Z type globe valve
  • Extended bonnet Z type globe valve
  • Jacketed Z type globe valve
  • Cryogenic Z type globe valve
  • High-temperature Z type globe valve

Farpro バルブの信念

Farpro Valveにとって、一つ一つの製品を真剣に扱い、一人一人のお客様を真摯に受け止めることが最も重要なことであると信じています。.

Our timely delivery rate of over 99% is another factor that distinguishes us from our competitors. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to industrial projects, and we work hard to ensure that our valves are delivered on time and according to the agreed-upon schedule.

In addition, our valves have achieved a pass rate of over 93% on single test runs, which is a reflection of the consistency and accuracy of our manufacturing process. We utilize the latest technology and machinery to manufacture our valves, and we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that every valve we produce meets our high standards.

Our Z type globe valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, しかし、私たちは間違いなく最も誠実なメーカーであり、最も忠実なパートナーになります.

Farpro Valve is a large global valve manufacturer engaged in the research, 発達, production and sales of valves.

Our product standards include: GB/JB, API, ANSI, アワ, から, 彼, ゴスト, NF, 等.

Our valves are available in 12 大分類, 200 series and 4000 サイズ, ゲートバルブを含む, グローブバルブ, ボールバルブ, バタフライバルブ, チェックバルブ, ダイヤフラムバルブ, 減圧弁, プラグバルブ, 罠, 等.

The annual output reaches 80,000 トン. All products are widely used in petroleum, 石油化学, 化学薬品, 電力, 冶金, 水の保全, 工事, 医薬品, drainage and other fields.

Our products sell well in the markets of Germany, イングランド, フランス, イタリア, ブラジル, Poland and more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, 中央アジア, 西アジア, 等.

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