OS&Y ウェッジ フランジ ゲート バルブ鋳鉄 – Z41T

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OS&Y ウェッジ フランジ ゲート バルブ鋳鉄 – Z41T features a wedge-shaped gate that moves perpendicular to the flow path, allowing for a full-bore opening and minimal resistance to flow when in the open position. This design ensures efficient flow and reduced pressure drop, making it suitable for applications where unrestricted flow is essential.

The cast iron body of the Z41T valve provides excellent strength and durability, capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures. Cast iron is renowned for its resistance to corrosion, erosion, and wear, ensuring a long service life even in demanding industrial environments.

Z41T/W in the nominal pressure ≤ 1.0MPa steam, 水, oil media for opening and closing the pipeline.

A+Z41T/W in the nominal pressure ≤ 1.6MPa steam, 水, oil media for opening and closing the pipeline.

wedge gate valve osy

Z41T OS&Y Wedge Flanged Gate Valve - 鋳鉄

体: 鋳鉄
ゲートバルブボンネット: 鋳鉄
ディスク材質: 鋳鉄
幹: ステンレス鋼, 真鍮, Carbon Brass
ステムナット: 真鍮, 鋳鉄
ハンドホイール: 鋳鉄
呼び径DN: 40-600んん


AZ41TW OS&Y Wedge Flanged Gate Valve - 鋳鉄

体: 鋳鉄
ゲートバルブボンネット: 鋳鉄
ディスク材質: 鋳鉄
幹: ステンレス鋼, 真鍮
ステムナット: 真鍮
ハンドホイール: 鋳鉄
呼び径DN: 40-300んん

FOB Price of Z41T OS&Y Wedge Flanged Gate Valve

  • Z41T, HT200, DN40, インチ 1.5" $31
  • Z41T, HT200, DN50, インチ 2" $49
  • Z41T, HT200, DN65, インチ 2.5" $58
  • Z41T, HT200, DN80, インチ 3" $73
  • Z41T, HT200, DN100, インチ 4" $89
  • Z41T, HT200, DN125, インチ 5" $137
  • Z41T, HT200, DN150, インチ 6" $177
  • Z41T, HT200, DN200, インチ 8" $280
  • Z41T, HT200, DN250, インチ 10" $428
  • Z41T, HT200, DN300, インチ 12" $617
  • Z41T, HT200, DN350, インチ 14" $785
  • Z41T, HT200, DN400, インチ 16" $1124
  • Z41T, HT200, DN500, インチ 20" $1676
  • Z41T, HT200, DN600, インチ 24" $2275

Advantages of OS&Y Wedge Gate Valve

The OS&Y wedge flanged gate valve is a type of gate valve that uses a wedge-shaped gate to control the flow of fluid in a pipeline. It is designed with an outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) mechanism that allows the stem to rise and fall as it is turned, lifting or lowering the gate to control the flow of fluid.

One of the key features of this valve is its OS&Y (外ネジとヨーク) design. The stem and handwheel are located outside the valve body, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. This design also facilitates visual inspection and adjustment without disturbing the pipeline or valve internals, minimizing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

The Z41T valve is equipped with flanged end connections, which provide a secure and reliable method of connecting the valve to the piping system. Flanged connections are widely used in industrial applications due to their versatility, ease of installation, and ability to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction.

Applications for the OS&Y ウェッジ フランジ ゲート バルブ鋳鉄 – Z41T include water distribution systems, 石油とガスのパイプライン, chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, and various other industrial settings where reliable flow control and shut-off capabilities are essential. The combination of cast iron durability, OS&Y design, and flanged connections make this valve a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

The advantages of Farpro’s OS&Y wedge gate valve include:

  1. Durability: Made with high-quality cast iron, these valves are designed to last for a long time without breaking down or wearing out.
  2. Reliable performance: The OS&Y mechanism ensures that the valve operates smoothly and consistently, providing reliable control over the flow of fluid.
  3. メンテナンスが簡単: The valve is designed for easy maintenance, with a simple design that allows for quick and easy repairs or replacement of parts.
  4. Versatility: OS&Y wedge flanged gate valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas processing, そして化学処理.

Farpro バルブの信念

In the realm of industrial valve applications, the OS&Y ウェッジ フランジ ゲート バルブ鋳鉄 – Z41T from Farpro Yuanda Industrial Valve Manufacturer stands out as a reliable and robust solution for critical flow control requirements.

This valve combines the durability of cast iron construction with the proven performance of an OS&Y (外ネジとヨーク) design, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Farpro Valveにとって、一つ一つの製品を真剣に扱い、一人一人のお客様を真摯に受け止めることが最も重要なことであると信じています。.

Our OS&Y gate valves 必ずしも最安値があるわけではない, しかし、私たちは間違いなく最も誠実なメーカーであり、最も忠実なパートナーになります.

Farpro バルブ メーカー サプライヤー

Farpro Valve is a large global valve manufacturer engaged in the research, 発達, バルブの製造・販売.

当社の製品規格には以下が含まれます:: GB/JB, API, ANSI, アワ, から, 彼, ゴスト, NF, 等.

当社のバルブは以下で入手可能です 12 大分類, 200 シリーズと 4000 サイズ, ゲートバルブを含む, グローブバルブ, ボールバルブ, バタフライバルブ, チェックバルブ, ダイヤフラムバルブ, 減圧弁, プラグバルブ, 罠, 等.

年間生産量は以下に達します 80,000 トン. すべての製品は石油で広く使用されています, 石油化学, 化学薬品, 電力, 冶金, 水の保全, 工事, 医薬品, 排水溝およびその他のフィールド.

Our products sell well in the markets of Germany, イングランド, フランス, イタリア, ブラジル, ポーランドとそれ以上 30 ヨーロッパの国と地域, 中央アジア, 西アジア, 等.

Farpro Yuanda Industrial Valve Manufacturer adheres to stringent quality standards and industry regulations, ensuring that the OS&Y ウェッジ フランジ ゲート バルブ鋳鉄 – Z41T meets or exceeds performance expectations. These valves are designed and manufactured in compliance with recognized standards such as ANSI, API, 私のように, or other relevant industry specifications, providing customers with assurance of quality and consistent performance.

    Farpro Valve を優先パートナーとして検討していただきありがとうございます.