Weld Parallel Gate ValveZ61

Z61 weld parallel gate valves are designed to provide a tight shut-off in the pipeline. The gate of the valve is parallel to the direction of the flow, which allows for a straight-through flow path and a low pressure drop.

Farpro Valve offers weld parallel gate valves in cast iron material, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as water treatment, HVAC systems, and general industry.

Z61 weld parallel gate valve is designed to be welded directly to the pipeline, providing a reliable and leak-free connection. The valve body and gate are made from high-quality cast iron, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

weld parallel gate valve

Z61 Weld Parallel Gate Valve - WCB 16-160

Valve Body: WCB
Gate Disc: 2Cr13
ゲートバルブボンネット: WCB
Gasket: ZCuAl10Fe3
Packing: QT450-10
幹: WCB

呼び径DN: 15-50んん

Gate Valve Model (API)呼び圧力 (メガパスカル)試験圧力強度(メガパスカル)テスト圧力シール(メガパスカル)温度使用範囲
Z61-16C1.62.41.8-29~425 ℃水, ガス, 油
Z61- ℃水, ガス, 油
Z61-404.06.154.51-29~425 ℃水, ガス, 油
Z61-646.49.757.15-29~425 ℃水, ガス, 油
Z61-10010.014.410.56-29~425 ℃水, ガス, 油
Z61-16016.024.7518.15-29~425 ℃水, ガス, 油

Farpro Valve’s weld parallel gate valve is available in various sizes and pressure ratings, allowing it to be used in a range of applications. The valve is also available with different actuation options, including electric and manual, to suit different operational needs.

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