Introduction of UPVC Ball Valves

UPVC ball valve is simple in structure and consists of only a few parts.
Ball valve material consumption less, small size, light weight, small installation size, small driving torque, pressure regulating valve, easy to operate.
This commonly used ball valve only needs to rotate 90 degrees to open and close quickly. And also has a good flow regulation effect and closed sealing characteristics.

UPVC ball valve is not only acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a high mechanical strength, and in line with drinking water sanitation standards.
Excellent sealing performance, the product is widely used in civil construction, 化学薬品, 医薬品, 石油化学, 冶金, agricultural irrigation, aquaculture and other water pipeline systems.

UPVC ball valves uses:

1、Applied to chemical hot fluid transportation.
2、Industrial wastewater discharge.
3、Hot water and hot temperature chemical pharmaceutical engineering piping of semiconductor electronic factory.
4、Fire protection piping.
5、Civilian water purification pipeline.
6、Piping system for farming and irrigation industry.