Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves 2023 Market Competition Analysis

With the development of the market in 2023, there is an increasing demand for large butterfly and ball valves from customers. Customers are demanding higher quality products and higher cost performance requirements.

Fakat, because most of the existing production equipment of valve manufacturers and factories are mostly aged and mismatched, it is difficult to configure the tooling and only single small batch production, which has not been able to make the production of kelebek vana form a certain scale. Öyleyse, they cannot meet the growing demand of butterfly valves.

Farpro has been adjusting its product structure in recent years. We have established an industrial base to develop and produce large butterfly and küresel vanalar, and further increase the development and production of high performance butterfly and ball valves to make them our fist products.

Such a decision has contributed to huge economic benefits for us, and in the long run the enterprise has a broader space for survival and development, while also meeting market demand, especially supplementing the demand for valves for engineering development and global energy construction around the world.

Product comparison market competitiveness analysis:

Butterfly valves are lighter in weight than gate valves of the same caliber (generally half the weight of gate valves), easy to install and flexible to open. Ball valves are reliable sealing and light to operate.

These make their service life in high temperature and pressure and strong corrosive media greatly extended, and exceed the service life of sürgülü vana, generally 1.5 times the service life of gate valves.

Öyleyse, the market demand for butterfly valves and ball valves is increasing, especially the demand for large diameter butterfly valves is increasing.

Looking at the current market survey and user demand:

Butterfly valve demand is generally DN300 ~ 2400mm caliber, of which DN500 ~ 2000mm dosage is the largest.

Ball valve DN100 ~ 800mm, the material are mainly carbon steel, alloy steel, paslanmaz çelik.

Öyleyse, Farpro Vana will have a wide market and strong competitiveness in 2023 by relying on its own industrial base specializing in the development and production of large-diameter butterfly valves and ball valves.