Y Tipi Bulamaç Küresel Vana

Y type slurry globe valve is for alumina solution and slurry easy to precipitate, ölçek, corrosive and other characteristics of the media.

Öyleyse, it mainly used in the slurry pipeline of petrochemical, metalurji, eczacılığa ait, printing and dyeing industries.

This valve can be use as regulating and shut-off valve.

In short, it is very suitable for metallurgy, alumina, kimyasal endüstri, ash slag conveying and other sectors.

Structure of Y type Slurry Globe Valve

Y-type globe valve mainly composed of left valve body, right valve body, valve flap, valve seat, valve stem, gasket, bracket, wear ring and other parts.

Similar to other valves, the valve body made of cast steel or stainless steel. The valve body is Y separating type and shut-off type. Because such a valve structure is easy to disassemble and maintenance.

Y type slurry valve is one of the indispensable valve types in alumina production pipeline.

Use of Y-type Slurry Valve

Y type slurry valve mainly use in the bottom side of alumina reactor to play the role of discharging material.

Bu tarz küre vana working principle is similar to the globe valve, but the sealing requirement is higher than that of the globe valve.

So, Y type slurry valve is very suitable for pipeline control in alumina production process, and also suitable for pipeline with coking and solid particles.