Электрическая фланцевая задвижка SS -Z941W

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The Electric Flanged Gate Valve is a high-performance valve designed for use in industrial applications that require reliable and precise control of fluids. This valve is constructed with high-quality stainless steel materials, making it highly resistant to corrosion and wear. The electric actuator provides fast and efficient operation, allowing for precise control over the flow of fluids.

The фланцевая задвижка design ensures a tight seal, preventing any leakage of fluids. The задвижка is also equipped with a manual override feature, allowing for operation in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation.

электрическая фланцевая задвижка из нержавеющей стали

Z941W Electric Flanged Gate Valve - Нержавеющая сталь - 16P 25P

Корпус клапана: АСТМ А351/А 351М CF8
Диск ворот: CF8
Крышка задвижки: АСТМ CF8
Корень: АСТМ А965/А 965М Ф304
Гайка втулки хомута: ZCuAl10Fe3

дюйм: 2-24''
Номинальный диаметр Ду: 51-591мм

FOB Price of Z941T/W Electric Flanged Gate Valve - Нержавеющая сталь - 16P 25P

  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду40, дюйм 1.5" $457
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду50, дюйм 2" $564
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду65, дюйм 2.5" $609
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду80, дюйм 3" $684
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду100, дюйм 4" $844
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду125, дюйм 5" $978
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду150, дюйм 6" $1190
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду200, дюйм 8" $1556
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду250, дюйм 10" $2354
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду300, дюйм 12" $3013
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду350, дюйм 14" $4355
  • Z941W, CF8, F304, Ду400, дюйм 16" $5381
Модель фланцевой задвижкиНоминальное давление (МПа)Испытательное давление(МПа)Уплотнение испытательного давления(МПа)ТемператураДиапазон использования
Z941W-16P1.62.31.7≤150 ℃вода, газ, масло, Азотная кислота, и т. д..
Z941W-25P2.53.72.7≤150 ℃вода, газ, масло, Азотная кислота, и т. д..

The Фарпро Electric Flanged Gate Valve is widely used in various industries, включая химическую обработку, нефти и газа, очистка воды, и производство электроэнергии. It is ideal for applications that require a high degree of accuracy and reliability, such as control of flow rates, давление, and temperature.

With its durable construction, high-performance capabilities, and advanced features, the Farpro Electric Flanged Gate Valve is a top choice for industrial applications where precision control and reliability are critical.

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