The chinese national standardIndustrial valves test for fugitive emissionswill soon be implemented

On December 30, 2022, the chinese national standardIndustrial valves test for fugitive emissionsdrafted by Farpro valve manufacturers and other 45 companies was officially released and will be officially implemented from July 1, 2023. The standard is modified to adopt the ISO international standard: ISO 15848-2:2015, standard number: GB/T 26481-2022.

text for fugitive emissions

The fugitive emission test of industrial valves

The main testing purpose of the fugitive emission test of industrial valves is for the measurement, testing and identification of fugitive media leakage, as a way to detect the tightness of the valve packing, corrosion and other physical parameters of the valve itself. The scope of testing includes the valve and the valve packing.

Fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions are unanticipated or unreal leaks from equipment at industrial sites in any physical form, or fugitive emissions of any chemical or compound, which the scientific dictionary defines as pollutants released into the atmosphere due to leakage, evaporation or wind, such as low-emission volatile organic compounds. Among the more typical sources of leakage from chemical plants include valves (packing, bonnet connections), pump seals, compressors, flanged connectors and safety relief devices, among other parts. Valve leakage includes external and internal leakage, the general valve external leakage evaluation criteria is the visible leakage of the valve, while fugitive leakage strictly speaking refers to the invisible leakage, which needs to be detected with the help of instruments. Fugitive leakage often refers to leakage in the packing area and gasket area. The gasket area is generally a static seal and fugitive leakage is easy to control. The packing area is a dynamic seal, and the movement of the valve stem can easily cause leakage at the packing area.

Problems of fugitive emissions

A large number of studies have shown that fugitive emissions not only threaten the quality index of the atmosphere, but also pose a potential threat to human health. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, fugitive leakage valves should be widely promoted, otherwise fugitive emissions will continuously increase the occurrence of safety accidents. Поэтому, all industries must strictly follow international standards and continuously improve the experimental standards and specifications for fugitive leakage with the help of domestic and international research experience, and continuously promote the level and quality of valve manufacturing to meet the industrial requirements of safety, environmental protection and health.

Завод производителя клапанов Farpro

Farpro valve manufacturer as one of the drafting units of this standard is a full certification of the company’s technical ability and production strength, but also a spur and encouragement to Farpro valve. Farpro valve will continue to develop new technologies, improve production capacity and level, enhance production strength, bring more quality products and services to our customers, and live up to the trust and support of each customer.