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Welded ball valves are known for their reliability and high performance in a variety of industries. One of their key advantages is their resistance to external leakage. Welded ball valves are highly adaptable to pressure and temperature changes, and they are designed not to leak within their marked pressure and temperature range. This makes them ideal for applications where tight shut-off is required.

The ball in a welded ball valve is processed with high accuracy, tracked by an advanced computer tester, ensuring that it operates smoothly and efficiently. This level of precision makes it a popular choice in industries such as petroleum, kemijski, natural gas, thermal, marine, električna energija, farmaceutski, metalurgija, food, military, konstrukcija, and engineering.

Why Choose Farpro Welded Ball Valve?

Farpro Valve Company, a leading global valve manufacturer, produces a wide range of welded ball valves that are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our welded ball valves are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Contact us today to learn more about our welded ball valves and other high-quality valve products.

Types of Welded Ball Valves

The difference between Welded ball valves and other ball valves

Welded ball valves differ from other ball valves in several ways. Firstly, the body of the valve is welded, rather than bolted or threaded, which makes it more durable and less prone to leaks.

Secondly, the ball itself is welded to the stem, which eliminates the possibility of the ball becoming dislodged during operation. Dodatno, welded ball valves are designed with a reduced bore, which means that the opening in the ball is slightly smaller than the valve’s inlet and outlet ports. This results in a smaller flow path and higher fluid velocity, which can be advantageous in certain applications.

Finally, welded ball valves typically have a higher pressure rating than other types of ball valves, making them suitable for high-pressure applications in the oil and gas industry, as well as in chemical processing and other industrial applications.

Uvjerenja Farpro ventila

It is our commitment at Farpro Valve to provide our customers with high-quality welded ball valves that meet their specific needs. While we may not always have the lowest price, we pride ourselves on being an honest and trustworthy manufacturer that values each and every customer.

Our welded ball valves are designed with advanced computer technology to ensure high accuracy and performance. They are suitable for a variety of industries, including petroleum, kemijski, natural gas, thermal, marine industry, električna energija, farmaceutski, metalurgija, food, military, construction engineering, i više.

U Farpro Valveu, we believe that treating each product with seriousness and sincerity is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. We strive to be your most faithful partner by providing exceptional products and customer service.

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O Farpro proizvođaču ventila

Farpro Valve veliki je svjetski proizvođač ventila koji se bavi istraživanjem, razvoj, proizvodnja i prodaja ventila.

Naši standardi proizvoda uključuju: GB/JB, API, ANSI, AWWA, IZ, ON, GOST, NF, itd.

Naši ventili dostupni su u 12 glavne kategorije, 200 serije i 4000 veličine, uključujući zasune, kuglasti ventili, kuglasti ventili, leptir ventili, povratni ventili, membranski ventili, ventili za smanjenje tlaka, čep ventili, zamke, itd.

Godišnja proizvodnja doseže 80,000 tona. Svi proizvodi imaju široku primjenu u nafti, petrokemijski, kemijski, električna energija, metalurgija, očuvanje vode, konstrukcija, farmaceutski, odvodnje i dr. polja.

Naši proizvodi dobro se prodaju na tržištima Njemačke, Engleska, Francuska, Italija, Brazil, Poljska i više od 30 zemljama i regijama u Europi, Srednja Azija, Zapadna Azija, itd.

Farpro will provide fully welded ball valves, kuglasti ventili, welded ball valves and other valves and supporting products using different applications, and will continue new product development and product improvement to provide customers with the best ball valves.

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