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WZ545 horizontal flanged gate valve is a type of valve used to control the flow of fluid in a pipeline. As the name suggests, this type of valve is installed in a horizontal pipeline and features flanges on either end for easy installation and maintenance.

Horizontal flanged gate valves are typically used in applications where a straight-through flow is required and where the valve may need to be frequently inspected or repaired. They are commonly used in industries such as water and wastewater treatment, xử lý hóa học, and oil and gas.

horizontal gate valve

WZ545T/W Horizontal Flanged Gate Valve - Gang thép

Thân hình: Gang thép
Nắp van cổng: Gang thép
Disc Material: Gang thép + NBR
Thân cây: Thép không gỉ, Brass
Stem Nut: Brass, Gang thép
HandWheel: Gang thép

Đường kính danh nghĩa DN: 900-1800mm

FOB Price of WZ545T/W Horizontal Flanged Gate Valve - Gang thép

  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN500, inch 20" $2062
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN600, inch 24" $2724
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN700, inch 28" $3628
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN800, inch 32" $4825
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN900, inch 36" $6255
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN1000, inch 40" $8497
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN1200, inch 48" $13615
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN1400, inch 56" $22397
  • WZ545T/W, HT200, DN1600, inch 64" $30547

Horizontal Gate Valve Structure

Horizontal gate valve consists of handle, valve stem, valve plug, valve cover, shell and so on.

The lower end of the shell through the flange constitutes a chamber, the valve stem through the valve plug, the valve stem head is located in the chamber, by the valve stem head and flat gasket, through the installation of fixings to form an eccentric bonnet.

Horizontal valves are tightly sealed, easy to operate, and are used in liquid flow pipelines.

Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Gate Valves

  • Horizontal can effectively avoid high temperature radiation above the pipeline. The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space.
  • The advantage of vertical type is that it occupies less space and is easy to install. If the pipeline is high, it is not conducive to maintenance.

Why choose Farpro Yuanda Gate Valve?

power of farpro yuanda valve

Farpro valve manufacturer offers a range of horizontal flanged gate valves made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, thép carbon, and cast iron.

Của chúng tôi gate valves are designed and manufactured to meet industry standards for performance, độ tin cậy, and safety.

We offer a variety of sizes, pressure ratings, and end connections to ensure that our valves meet the needs of your specific application.

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