Gate Valve or Globe Valve for Water Supply Line

In water supply piping systems, choosing the right type of valve is essential for proper pipeline operation and fluid control. Gate valves and globe valves are two common types of valves for water supply pipelines, each of which has a number of characteristics and conditions of application that need to be selected according to the specific situation. Farpro Valve explain whether you should choose a gate or globe valve for your water supply pipeline.

Gate valve Product

A van cổng is a type of switching valve in which the gate plate moves up and down in the valve body to control the passage of fluid. It is mainly used in situations where frequent operation is required, such as for regulating the flow of the pipeline or for quickly cutting off the water supply. The gate valve has a relatively simple structure, a large valve diameter and low fluid resistance, and is suitable for high flow water supply pipelines.

parallel slide gate valve

Globe valves Product

Các van cầu is a plug type valve that controls the flow of fluid by rotating the spool. The globe valve has a good sealing performance and is suitable for applications where a high sealing performance is required. It is mainly used to control the flow of fluid in the pipeline and to ensure the stable operation of the water supply system. The globe valve is relatively simple to operate and is suitable for small diameter water supply pipelines.

How to choose a gate valve or globe valve?

When choosing a gate valve or globe valve, the following factors need to be considered: pipe diameter, operating pressure, operating frequency and media characteristics, vân vân.

1、Pipe diameter

According to the diameter of the pipeline to choose the appropriate type of valve. Gate valves are suitable for large diameter pipelines and can provide a larger flow and less fluid resistance. While the globe valve is suitable for small diameter pipeline, can provide better sealing performance and fluid control effect.

2、Working pressure

Select the right type of valve according to the working pressure. Gate valves are usually suitable for low and medium pressure occasions and can withstand large pressure differences. And globe valves are suitable for high pressure occasions, with better sealing performance and pressure resistance.

3、Operating rate

Operation frequency is also one of the factors to consider when choosing gate valves or globe valves. Gate valve is suitable for frequent operation, due to its simple switching method, easy to operate. While the stop valve plug structure requires relatively more rotary operation, suitable for occasions that do not require frequent switching.

4、Medium characteristics

According to the characteristics of the media to choose the right type of valve. Different media on the valve material and sealing requirements are different, such as acid and alkali media, corrosive media or high temperature media. In the selection of valves, you need to consider the characteristics of the media, and choose the appropriate valve material and sealing materials.

In summary, the water supply pipeline using gate valves or globe valves need to be selected according to the specific circumstances. Gate valves are suitable for large diameter, low and medium pressure and need frequent operation, while globe valves are suitable for small diameter, high pressure and need better sealing performance.

When selecting a valve, factors such as pipe diameter, operating pressure, operating frequency and media characteristics need to be considered. In terms of brand selection, valve products from Farpro can be considered. Through reasonable selection and use, the safe operation and fluid control effect of the water pipeline system can be ensured.