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Farpro gate valve manufacturer ensures the best quality while keeping sales prices as low as possible. We are dedicated to providing excellent service through our strong factory and advanced production technology.

While our gate valves may not always be the cheapest option, we stand by our commitment to honesty and integrity as your most trustworthy manufacturer and reliable partner.

Throughout the years, we have provided gate valves, fittings, and other equipment to a diverse range of industries and companies. Our service philosophy is to deliver fast, high-quality results to all of our customers, no matter where they are located.

All of our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure superior performance over time. We are proud to say that we have received zero product quality complaints, maintain a timely delivery rate of over 99%, and have achieved a pass rate of over 93% on single test runs.

types of farpro gate valve manufacturer

Types of Farpro Yuanda Gate Valves

Wedge Gate Valve of Farpro Yuanda Manufacturer

Wedge gate valve (Double Disc/Single Disc) has a better seal and can withstand high pressure because the sealing surface of the valve is at an angle to the vertical centerline.
Generally, the stem of wedge gate valve is tempered and surface nitrided, which has good corrosion resistance and anti-scuffing property.
It can be divided into open stem, concealed stem, resilient valve disc, and rigid valve disc according to different characteristics.

Párhuzamos tolózár (Double Disc/Single Disc)

Parallel gate valve is made of parallel plate and conical sealing surface.
Under the action of medium pressure, the pressure per unit area between the sealing surface of the valve flap and the parallel plate is less than the medium pressure of the valve.

Kés kapuszelep

Knife gate valve has good shearing effect because of knife gate, which is most suitable for slurry, powder granule, fiber and other difficult to control fluids, and is widely used in paper making, petrolkémiai, mining, vízelvezetés, food manufacturers and other industries.
It has a variety of valve seats to choose from and can be equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators according to the site control requirements to realize the automatic operation of the valve.

Karimás tolózár

Flange gate valve is a gate valve with flange connection, which is the most common connection.
It can adopt a variety of forms with flange standard pipe and flange sealing surface to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.
Flange gate valve is stable and reliable when used in pipeline, so flange gate valve is often used in high pressure pipeline. It is mainly used in the pipeline of petroleum, kémiai, gyógyszerészeti, trágya, electric power industry and other various working conditions.

Os&y Gate Valve

It has an exposed stem and the valve flap is raised or lowered by a threaded drive between the stem and the steering wheel.
It requires a large installation space. The exposed stem is simple in structure and easy to maintain. Os&y gate valve is very commonly used.

NRS tolózár

The concealed stem gate valve is connected to the stem when the valve is opened and closed, it is driven by the stem rotating at a fixed point to lift the valve flap upward and downward to complete the opening and closing. Its height dimension is small compared with other gate valves.

Common Construction of Gate Valve

gate valve farpro construction

yoke sleeve nut, wheel, Yoke, Yoke Sleeve, Gland Bolts, Gland Flange, Gland, Packing, Stuffing Box, Bonnet, Bonnet Bushing, Származik, Bonnet Joint Bolts, Tárcsaülés gyűrű, Lemez, Body Seat Rings,

Applications and Uses of Farpro Gate Valve Manufacturer

Water Treatment Project

What Are The Functions of Gate Valves in Water Treatment Project

According to Farpro Gate Valve Manufacturer's statistics, it was found that different types of valves are used for each level of general wastewater treatment.

- The first step, primary treatment, removes solid pollutants in suspension, and most physical treatment methods meet the requirements of treatment. After primary treatment, the removal rate of BOD is generally around 30%.
- The second step, the need to remove the colloid and dissolved organic pollutants in the sewage (BOD, COD substances), the removal rate of 90%, so that organic pollutants meet the discharge standards, suspended matter removal rate to 95%.
- The third step, the main methods include biological denitrification and phosphorus removal, coagulation and sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and electroosmosis. The valves needed here are butterfly valve, tolózár, golyóscsap, ellenőrizd a szelepet, rubber soft joint, stb.

Power Generation Industry​

Power Generation Industry

Farpro Gate Valve manufacturer believes that power plant applications put piping and valves under tremendous stress, so valves need robust materials and designs to handle the multiple tests of circulation, temperature and pressure.

Many power plants use fossil fuels and high-speed turbines to generate electricity, where gate valves are the primary equipment controlling the opening/closing of most power plants. Of course, other valves are sometimes used here as well, such as Y-shaped globe valves. Továbbá, high performance ball valves are widely used in the power industry.

In addition to the main steam valves, power plants have many auxiliary pipelines. These auxiliary pipelines consist of a wide variety of globe valves, pillangószelepek, ellenőrizd a szelepeket, golyóscsapok, and gate valves.

Metallurgical-Steel Industry

Metallurgical / Steel Manufacturers

Farpro gate valves are widely used in metallurgical iron and steel engineering in the raw material feeding system, dosing system, ironmaking coal injection system.

At present, the common gate valves in metallurgical steel manufacturers are mainly knife gate valves, pneumatic gate valves, pillangószelepek, golyóscsapok, stb.

Pulp And Paper Industry

Pulp And Paper Suppliers and Manufacturers

The paper production process is divided into two parts: pulping and papermaking. The wastewater produced in the process, after treatment to meet the relevant national emission standards, are indispensable for the participation of various types of valves, beleértve a tolózárakat is.

According to Farpro gate valve manufacturer's years of valve experience, the main media encountered in the paper manufacturer are: slurry, gőz, víz, sewage and black liquor and other such media. Control valves for production media do not need to be specifically considered for high temperature, high pressure, erős korrózió, explosion-proof and other factors.

Gate valves widely used in other industries are also applicable to the control of water, gőz, other gases in the paper industry. For the control of pulp, black liquor, etc., rotary V-regulating ball valves, О-control ball valves and control disc valves are commonly used.

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

The gate valve stem produced by Farpro manufacturer has open stem and concealed stem. In the chemical industry, open stem gate valves are suitable for corrosive media in chemical engineering basically use open stem gate valves. Concealed stem gate valves are mainly used on waterways mostly for low pressure, non-corrosive media such as some cast iron and copper valves.

The structure form of the Farpro gate includes wedge gate and parallel gate gate valve. Wedge gate valve has single gate and double gate. Parallel type gate is mostly used in oil and gas transmission system, it is not commonly used in chemical installations.

Oil & Gas Marine Industrial

Oil & Gas / Marine Industry

The oil and gas industry provides a broad market for valve manufacturers, particularly in gate and ball valves, while the performance requirements for valves are increasing.

Farpro has concluded, based on global sales and data, that the demand for valves in the global oil and gas extraction industry and transportation industry continues to grow. This demand has led to the oil and gas industry's quest for deeper drilling pipelines and lower production costs, so technicians are taking greater care in selecting quality valve equipment and hardware.

Upstream, valves are used to control the flow of oil, from high-pressure injection systems to throttle blowout preventers.

In the midstream section where storage and transportation of oil and gas takes place, valves are used to protect equipment and control the flow of product. Since the entire system should be kept at low temperatures to convert gas to liquid, oil and natural engineering requires valve manufacturers to produce valves and fittings that are durable even at low temperatures.

Downstream, Farpro sees more challenges in the refining process of crude oil. The growing segmentation of the market provides many high-tech needs for the petrochemical industry, which is why there is a need for high-precision, high-quality valve production and design.

Dams and Reservoirs

Construction of Dams and Reservoirs for Water Flow Control

We found that with the continuous development of environmental protection, water conservancy projects will become more and more important. Modern water conservancy projects will develop in the direction of environmental protection and high quality. Then it is necessary to have indispensable excellent water conservancy engineering equipment and valves. With the development of technology, valve manufacturers are upgrading their manufacturing technology.

Farpro gate valve manufacutrer analysis says: modern water conservancy gate valves have the following excellent characteristics.

The first high technology content, high-quality water conservancy valves are built on the basis of scientific and technological innovation, which can ensure the high quality of Farpro gate valves. This effectively enhances the use of water conservancy valves.

Second installation is relatively simple, maintenance is also convenient, high-quality water conservancy valve operation and connection is relatively simple, under the guidance of the instruction manual, the use of units can quickly install the water conservancy valve, simple and convenient, and in the later operation, but also to facilitate the maintenance of water conservancy valve.

Third strong corrosion resistance, high-performance water conservancy valve, focus on its corrosion resistance experiments to ensure that the gate valve has a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance. This effectively extend the service life of the water conservancy valve.

What Regions and Factories Has Farpro Yuanda Gate Valve Manufacturer Worked with?


  • Vietnam Shenglong 2*300MW hőerőmű projekt
  • Thailang TPI PP 150MW erőmű projekt
  • Banglades Hiraganjie 225MW kombinált ciklusú erőmű projekt
  • Dél-afrikai Tubatse bánya termikus kemence hulladékhőenergia-termelési projektje
  • Korla 2*350MW Kogenerációs Projekt
  • Olese Vízierőmű Kambodzsa

Oil&Gas / Petrolkémiai beszállítók

  • Baofeng Energy Group
  • Kínai kőolajmérnöki építés
  • A SABIC Corporation Indonézia földgázprojektje
  • Geofizikai kutatási projekt Szaúd-Arábiában
  • Kazahsztán Kolzhan kutatási projekt
  • Ghána TEMA Tank Project Fire Valve vásárlás

Városépítő beszállítók

  • Lengyelország Krakkó vízszállítási projekt
  • Üzbegisztán Tusterrick szivattyúállomás projekt
  • Pakisztán SK projekt
  • Angola Nova Ciamangola 5000TPD projekt, stb.

Farpro Yuanda Valve Beliefs

legjobb szeleptermék tervezése

We believe that treating each product seriously and receiving each customer sincerely are the most important things for Farpro Yuanda gate valve manufacturer.

Our gate valves do not necessarily have the lowest price, de mindenképpen mi leszünk a legbecsületesebb gyártó és a leghűségesebb partnere.

Farpro Yuanda gate valve manufacturer is a large global valve manufacturer engaged in the research, fejlesztés, production and sales of valves.

Our product standards include: GB/JB, API gate valve, ANSI, AWWA, TÓL TŐL, Ő, GOST, NF, stb.

Our valves are available in 12 főbb kategóriák, 200 series and 4000 méretek, beleértve a tolózárakat is, gömbszelepek, golyóscsapok, pillangószelepek, ellenőrizd a szelepeket, membránszelepek, nyomáscsökkentő szelepek, dugós szelepek, csapdák, expansion joint, stb.

The annual output reaches 80,000 tonna. All products are widely used in petroleum, petrolkémiai, kémiai, elektromos energia, kohászat, vízvédelem, Építkezés, gyógyszerészeti, drainage and other fields.

Our gate vlaves sell well in the markets of Germany, Anglia, Franciaország, Olaszország, Brazília, Poland and more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Közép-Ázsia, Nyugat-Ázsia, stb.

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