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A flanged gear gate valve made of stainless steel is a type of valve that is designed to control the flow of fluids in a pipeline. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where high pressure and high-temperature fluids need to be controlled.

The valve is constructed with a flanged end that can be bolted to the pipeline for easy installation and maintenance. The flange allows for a tight seal between the valve and the pipeline, which helps to prevent leakage.

The gear operator provides a mechanical advantage to open and close the tolózár, allowing for easy and precise control of the flow. The gear is usually made of durable materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel, which can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments.

flanged gear gate valve stainless steel

Z541W Flanged Gear Gate Valve - Stainless Steel 16P 25P

Szeleptest: ASTM CF8
Kapu lemez: ASTM CF8
Tolózár motorháztető: CF8
Származik: F304
Ige hüvely anya: ZCuAl10Fe3

Névleges átmérő DN: 40-400mm

FOB Price of Z541T/W Flanged Gear Gate Valve - Stainless Steel 16P 25P

  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN40, hüvelyk 1.5" $350
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN50, hüvelyk 2" $401
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN65, hüvelyk 2.5" $446
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN80, hüvelyk 3" $508
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN100, hüvelyk 4" $625
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN125, hüvelyk 5" $759
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN150, hüvelyk 6" $949
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN200, hüvelyk 8" $1315
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN250, hüvelyk 10" $2034
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN300, hüvelyk 12" $2671
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN350, hüvelyk 14" $4058
  • Z541W, CF8, F304, DN400, hüvelyk 16" $5050
Karimás tolózár modellNévleges nyomás (Mpa)Teszt nyomáserősség(Mpa)Nyomástömítés vizsgálata(Mpa)HőfokFelhasználási tartomány
Z541W-16P1.62.31.7≤150 ℃víz, gáz, olaj, Salétromsav, stb.
Z541W-25P2.53.72.7≤150 ℃víz, gáz, olaj, Salétromsav, stb.

Stainless steel is a popular material for gate valves because of its corrosion resistance and durability. It is commonly used in applications where the fluid being controlled is corrosive or where the valve is exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Átfogó, a karimás tolózár made of stainless steel is a reliable and effective option for controlling the flow of fluids in industrial and commercial settings. It provides a tight seal, easy operation, and durability, making it a popular choice for many applications.

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