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Flanged ball valves are a popular choice for industrial applications due to their flanged end connections. These valves are bolted to the piping system and are commonly used in chemical processing, تیل اور گیس, and water treatment industries.

Flanged ball valves are also suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. The ball in the valve rotates to allow or block the flow of fluid, which makes it easier to control the flow in these types of applications. Furthermore, the design of the valve allows for a tight shut-off, which reduces the risk of leakage.

Types of Flanged Ball Valves

گیند والو کی درخواست

Advantages of Flanged Ball Valve

One of the key advantages of flanged ball valves is their ease of maintenance. These valves can be easily removed for cleaning or repair, which makes them an ideal choice for applications where maintenance is required. اضافی طور پر, the flanged end connections make it easy to install or replace the valve.

فارپرو والو میں, we offer a range of flanged ball valves that are designed to meet the needs of various industries. Our valves are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. Contact us today to learn more about our flanged ball valves and how they can benefit your application.

فارپرو والو کے عقائد

ہمیں یقین ہے کہ ہر پروڈکٹ کو سنجیدگی سے لینا اور ہر گاہک کو خلوص دل سے وصول کرنا فارپرو والو کے لیے سب سے اہم چیزیں ہیں۔.

ہماری Ball valve types ضروری نہیں کہ سب سے کم قیمت ہو۔, لیکن ہم یقینی طور پر سب سے ایماندار کارخانہ دار اور آپ کے سب سے وفادار ساتھی ہوں گے۔.

farpro والو مینوفیکچرر سپلائر

فارپرو والو مینوفیکچرر کے بارے میں

Farpro Valve is a global valve manufacturer that specializes in the research, ترقی, پیداوار, اور والوز کی فروخت. We adhere to various product standards such as GB/JB, API, اے این ایس آئی, AWWA, سے, وہ, GOST, این ایف, اور مزید. With 12 اہم زمرے, 200 سیریز, اور 4000 sizes of valves, we offer a diverse range of products such as gate valves, گلوب والوز, گیند والوز, تیتلی والوز, والوز چیک کریں, ڈایافرام والوز, دباؤ کو کم کرنے والے والوز, پلگ والوز, جال, اور مزید.

Our valves are highly durable and suitable for various applications in fields such as petroleum, پیٹرو کیمیکل, کیمیائی, برقی طاقت, دھات کاری, پانی کی بچت, تعمیراتی, دواسازی, نکاسی آب, اور دوسرے. We produce an annual output of 80,000 ٹن, which are distributed in over 30 countries and regions such as Germany, انگلینڈ, فرانس, اٹلی, برازیل, پولینڈ, یورپ, وسطی ایشیا, مغربی ایشیا, اور مزید.

Choose Farpro Valve for high-quality and reliable valve solutions.

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