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Farpro Valve offers Q41F electric ball valves in both stainless steel and cast steel materials. These valves are designed to be actuated by an electric motor, providing a reliable and efficient solution for automated control of fluid flow.

Electric ball valves offer several advantages over manual valves, including faster response times, greater precision in controlling flow rates, and the ability to be remotely controlled. They are commonly used in industrial applications where precise control and automation are important, such as in chemical processing, water treatment, and oil and gas production.

electric ball valve stainless steel

Q941F Electric Ball Valve - Stainless Steel

Body: CF8
Ball Material: F304
Gate Valve Bonnet: ASTM A351/A 351M CF8
Stem: F304
seat: Q235
Seal & Lined: PTFE
Nominal Diameter DN: 40-200mm

FOB Price of Q941F Electric Ball Valve - Stainless Steel 16P/25P

  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN40, inch 1.5" $370
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN50, inch 2" $398
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN65, inch 2.5" $471
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN80, inch 3" $537
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN100, inch 4" $774
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN125, inch 5" $936
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN150, inch 6" $1168
  • Q941F, CF8, F304, DN200, inch 8" $1676
q941f electric ball valve

Q941F Electric Ball Valve - Cast Steel 16C 25

Body: WCB
Ball Material: 201
Gate Valve Bonnet: WCB
Stem: 2Cr13
seat: PTFE
Nominal Diameter DN: 40-250mm

FOB Price of Q941F Electric Ball Valve - Cast Steel 16C 25

  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN40, inch 1.5" $330
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN50, inch 2" $349
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN65, inch 2.5" $400
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN80, inch 3" $443
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN100, inch 4" $662
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN125, inch 5" $788
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN150, inch 6" $970
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN200, inch 8" $1400
  • Q941F, WCB, 201, DN250, inch 10" $1916

Stainless steel electric ball valves are preferred in applications where corrosion resistance and hygienic standards are critical, such as in food and beverage processing or pharmaceutical production. Cast steel electric ball valves are typically used in applications where high temperatures and pressures are involved, such as in steam or gas pipelines.

Electric Ball Valve ModelNominal Pressure (Mpa)Test Pressure Strength(Mpa)Test Pressure Seal(Mpa)TemperatureRange of use
Q941F-16P1.62.41.8-29~150 ℃water, gas, oil, Nitric acid, etc.
Q941F-16C1.62.41.8-29~150 ℃water, gas, oil, Nitric acid, etc.
Q941F- ℃water, gas, oil, Nitric acid, etc.

Application of electric ball valve

partners and applications

Electric ball valves have a wide range of applications in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, water and wastewater treatment, and HVAC systems. They are commonly used to control the flow of liquids and gases in pipelines, tanks, and other industrial equipment.

  • In the oil and gas industry: electric ball valves are often used in pipelines to control the flow of crude oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons. They are also used in refineries to control the flow of various fluids throughout the refining process.
  • In the chemical industry: electric ball valves are used to control the flow of various chemicals and solvents in production processes. They are also used in water and wastewater treatment plants to control the flow of water and chemicals during treatment processes.
  • In HVAC systems: electric ball valves are used to control the flow of water and air in heating and cooling systems. They are also used in building automation systems to control various processes such as lighting, security, and HVAC.

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