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The structure of the buried fully welded ball valve is better crafted, easy to install the stem part, especially suitable for large diameter fully welded ball valves.

Two bodies are suitable for small bore fully welded ball valves, three bodies are suitable for large bore fully welded ball valves.

buried style fully welded ball valve

Buried Fully Welded Ball Valves

Material: cast steel ASTM
Nominal Diameter DN: 50-1400mm
Feature: The manufacturing process of the cartridge valve body structure is simpler and facilitates assembly positioning. The tooling required for the manufacture of the blanks is simple and it is convenient to use support plates to fix the ball.

Why choose Farpro buried fully welded ball valve?

buried used welded ball valve

Design For Buried Used Welded Ball Valve

Ball valve for buried conditions of the valve, set the valve extension pole, maintenance with extension pipe (both sides of the channel exhaust pipe + both sides of the valve seat grease tube + valve body bottom drainage pipe) and control valve, so that the valve operating position to the ground in a convenient location for operation.
Valve surface corrosion-resistant asphalt coating protection or epoxy resin protection, on-site pipeline cross-connection and resistance protection measures to adapt to the underground use environment.

Operating Precautions of Buried welded ball valve

1. Remove the protective cover at both ends and check whether the valve hole is faulty and clean. If there is foreign matter clean it up to avoid foreign matter between the groove and the ball to damage the sealing surface of the valve seat.

2. Try to open and close the ball valve several times to confirm whether the ball valve can work properly.

3. Between installing the ball valve to the pipeline, the welded surface of the pipe should be wiped clean. When installing the ball valve, it is not necessary to pay special attention to the installation direction of the ball valve.

4. Open the ball valve to be welded to avoid welding slag entering the valve during the welding process.

5. When installing horizontally, the valve must be fully open to avoid welding sparks from injuring the ball surface. When installed on a vertical guestway, the valve must be safely open if welding the upper interface; if welding the lower interface, the valve must be completely closed to avoid high heat burns inside the valve.

6. After welding is completed, wait for the valve to cool completely before operating the valve on and off.

7. When installing the turbo vortex actuator (valve size DN200 and above or special customization), first adjust the actuator switching position according to the valve switching position with reference to the arrow indication direction (shut off, open on), so that the arrow indication switching direction of the actuator is consistent with the valve switching position. Dock the actuator with the standard flange of the valve body correctly and adjust the position of the limit bolt appropriately so that the valve can be completely closed and opened, which can refer to the arrow indicating direction.

High Pressure Welded Ball Valve Application

  • City gas: Gas output pipeline, main line and each branch supply pipeline, etc.
  • Centralized heating: Large-scale heating equipment output pipelines, trunk lines, and branch lines.
  • Heat exchanger: Vipeline and circuit opening and closing.
  • Steel plants: Various fluid pipelines, exhaust gas discharge pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.
  • Various industrial facilities: Various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and heat pipelines.

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