Underground Welded Ball Valve Diffusion Function

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When operating the underground welded ball valve diffusion function, the operator does not need to go underground, but only needs to operate the transmission above ground, which is very safe and convenient.

Compared with similar industry products of the same specification, its valve body is small and has a beautiful appearance.

It has a service life of more than 15 years under the normal operation and use of the valve. The cost of the valve well of the common valve is higher than the price of the valve itself. Note that valve wells are not required for this underground welded ball valves.

underground ball valve diffusion function

Underground Welded Ball Valve Diffusion Function

Material: Carbon Steel
Nominal Diameter DN: 50-600mm
Applications: heating systems, district heating, industrial use, city gas
Class: 1.6/2.5 Mpa
Temperature: -29~200℃
Medium: water, oil, gas.

Welded Ball Valve Application

  • City gas: Gas output pipeline, main line and each branch supply pipeline, etc.
  • Centralized heating: Large-scale heating equipment output pipelines, trunk lines, and branch lines.
  • Heat exchanger: Vipeline and circuit opening and closing.
  • Steel plants: Various fluid pipelines, exhaust gas discharge pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.
  • Various industrial facilities: Various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and heat pipelines.

Modern cities are densely populated with vehicles and pedestrians, and the roads are very complex. Therefore, when constructing and maintaining gas supply pipelines and heating supply pipelines, the requirements for construction time and construction safety are very high. For this reason, fully welded ball valves are used, which can be directly buried underground.

Farpro utilizes the latest engineering methods to minimize the space required for valve control and to save on construction costs and time. In addition, this underground welded ball valve can prevent the risk of gas explosion, which is a very safe valve.

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