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Among ball valve products,Farpro Floating Ball valve cast steel has significant advantages such as flexible opening and closing, simple structure, good sealing performance, and long service life, and has become the first choice in many industries.

Farpro Floating Ball valve cast steel uses a ball as the closing member, and the valve can be opened and closed quickly through rotation. The sphere has a small hole that, when rotated into alignment with the pipe, allows for smooth flow of fluid. This flexibility allows ball valves to respond quickly in emergencies, ensuring the normal operation of industrial production. Secondly, the control of floating ball valve is reliable. The ball valve adopts an advanced sealing structure, which effectively prevents the leakage of media when the valve is closed. This reliable sealing performance ensures safety and stability in industrial production. Moreover, the ball valve also has strong pressure-bearing capacity and can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature working environments, and is not prone to leakage or failure. In addition, the floating ball valve has a simple structure, compact size, takes up less space, and is easy to install and maintain. Secondly, the fluid resistance of the ball valve is small, which can reduce fluid loss when flowing in the pipeline and improve the operating efficiency of the system. In addition, ball valves have a long service life and can maintain good performance under harsh working conditions.

ball valve astm wcb(cast steel)

Floating Ball Valve Q41F 150LB- WCB Cast Steel - ANSI API

Body: ASTM A182 F304
Ball Disc: ASTM A216 WCB
Stem: ASTM A182 F304
Seal & Lined: PTFE

Diameter inch: 1/2-8''
Nominal Diameter DN: 14-202mm

Ball Valve Model (API)Nominal Pressure (Mpa)Test Pressure Strength(Mpa)Test Pressure Seal(Mpa)TemperatureRange of use
Q41F-150LB2.03.02.2-29~150 ℃water, gas, oil

Advantages of floating ball valve

  • The fluid resistance is small, and the full-bore ball valve has basically no flow resistance.
  • It has simple structure, small size and light weight.
  • Tight and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and various plastics are widely used in the sealing surface materials of ball valves at present, with good sealing performance. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems.
  • It is easy to operate and opens and closes quickly. It only needs to be rotated 90° from fully open to fully closed, which is convenient for long-distance control.
  • It is easy to maintain. The ball valve has a simple structure and the sealing rings are generally movable, making it easy to disassemble and replace.
  • When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball and valve seat are isolated from the medium. When the medium passes, it will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.
  • It has a wide range of applications, with diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several meters, and can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure.
  • Since the ball valve has wiping properties during the opening and closing process, it can be used in media with suspended solid particles.

Applications of floating ball valve

  • Oil industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Power Industry
  • Heating industry
  • Water treatment industry

In general, the floating ball valve is a flexible opening and reliable control choice. It is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium. It can also be used for the regulation and control of fluids and is widely used in various industries. Whether in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power or metallurgy, ball valves play an important role. Its flexible operation and reliable control performance enable industrial production to proceed smoothly and ensure the safety and stability of the working environment.

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