Introduction to hydraulic valves that cannot be missed

Hydraulic valves refer to a device used in hydraulic systems. Their main function is to control the flow, pressure and direction of the fluid so that it follows certain flow, pressure and direction requirements. As an indispensable component of the hydraulic system, the selection and use of hydraulic valves are directly related to the safety and benefits of the entire project. This article will briefly introduce several commonly used valves in hydraulic systems and their characteristics and applications.

Shut-off valve

Shut-off valves are mainly used to cut off and connect the medium flow in the pipeline. The eccentric hemispherical valve PQ340X-10Q manufactured by Farpro yuanda valve manufacturer has strong flow capacity, small flow resistance, fast opening and closing, long service life, and has two-way sealing, online maintenance and cutting functions. Especially in the working conditions of high flow rate, large diameter, high pressure, sewage and sediment, it has obvious advantages compared with other cut-off valves and has been widely used in many water plants, power stations, steelmaking, mining and large-scale water supply projects. The eccentric hemispherical valve PQ340X-10Q has the characteristics of small resistance, low energy consumption, reliable automatic compensation seal, automatic cleaning and desilting function, suitable for high flow rate media, and low maintenance cost.

Control valve

The control valve is used on the outlet pipeline of the water pump of the high-rise building water supply system and other water supply systems to prevent and reduce the water hammer of the pipeline when the water pump is started and closed, prevent water backflow to protect the water pump, and maintain pipeline safety. The multifunctional water pump control valve JD745X-16Q produced by Farpro yuanda valve manufacturer has functions such as backflow prevention, light load pump start-up, water hammer reduction, automatic control, opening display and remote monitoring, which fully meets the centrifugal pump control requirements of large-scale automated pumping stations.

Balancing valve

The balancing valve is mainly used to balance the pressure and flow of the water supply system. It can ensure the uniform distribution of water in different locations and prevent the problem of unstable water pressure. It is usually used to control large-flow water pipelines in hydraulic systems. The digital locking balancing valve SP45F-16Q designed and manufactured by Farpro yuanda valve manufacturer adopts a direct current structure with small fluid resistance. It has a linear flow characteristic and can accurately measure the pressure difference before and after the valve and the flow through the valve.

Regulating valve

The regulating valve is mainly used to control the flow, pressure and direction of liquids and gases, and can be adjusted manually or automatically as needed. The regulating valve can control the flow and pressure of the medium by increasing or decreasing the opening degree of the valve, so that the flow can be accurately controlled within a certain range.The flow regulating valve TL941X-16Q is a new generation of patented products carefully designed by Farpro yuanda valve manufacturer. It has the characteristics of precise linear adjustment, cavitation prevention, low noise and vibration, good energy dissipation effect, linear flow-opening curve, and easy to realize automatic control. It is widely used in various large-scale water supply engineering projects.

Check valve

The function of the check valve is to prevent reverse flow. It is often installed on the pipeline to ensure that the water flows in only one direction. When the water flow reverses, the check valve will automatically close. Check valves are widely used in water supply systems and are often used in sewage treatment, flushing systems, etc. The track ball check valve HQ41X-16Q designed and manufactured by Farpro yuanda is lightweight, portable, small in size and light in weight. Compared with conventional check valves, its structure is simpler and has fewer parts, making it more convenient to install. At the same time, it has significant advantages such as fast closing, quick response, low fluid resistance, and small valve closing impact.

    In summary, there are many types of valves commonly used in the hydraulic industry, and each valve has its own unique characteristics and scope of application. When selecting and using valves, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the actual needs of the project, medium characteristics, and working conditions to ensure that the valve can fully play its role and ensure the safety and benefits of the project. Farpro yuanda is a valve manufacturer with a global business scope. It has an excellent R&D team and superb technology, and can provide better solutions for the control of hydraulic systems for customers.