Valves in the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is an area where various valves are widely used. Valves play a key role in pipeline systems, controlling and regulating the flow of liquids and gases. Different valve types have different performance characteristics, so they may be more suitable in different applications and environments. As a technologically advanced and experienced valve manufacturer, Farpro Yuanda will introduce you to some common valve types in the petrochemical industry in this article.

Gate valve

In the petrochemical industry, gate valves are a very common type of valve. It is mainly used to open or close the flow of fluids, but is not suitable for regulating flow. The gate valve provides a direct flow path and minimizes the resistance to fluid flow. The gate valve for high-pressure hydrogenation units produced by Farpro Yuanda valve manufacturer is a gate valve suitable for high-pressure hydrogenation conditions where the medium is hydrogen (containing hydrogen sulfide), hydrogen refueling gas, hydrogen refueling products (containing hydrogen sulfide), etc.

Ball valve

A ball valve is a valve that can be opened and closed quickly, mainly used to cut off or regulate the flow of media. The ball valve has a simple structural design, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, and good sealing performance. It is a very important valve type in the petrochemical industry. The orbital ball valve and forced sealing ball valve manufactured by Farpro Yuanda valve manufacturer have a unique structure and adopt a new technology design of valve core rotation separation opening and mechanical pressure sealing. The most outstanding advantage is that the sealing surface does not produce friction, has a long service life, and has a low operating torque. Even if the medium contains solid grains, silt, short fibers and other impurities, the fluid medium is high-speed concentrated flushing of the seal body and other harsh working conditions, it can maintain a good seal to ensure safe and reliable operation during the maintenance period of the engineering device. Orbital ball valves are widely used in industries such as oil, natural gas, chemical industry, magma and papermaking, power stations, steel mills, and environmental sewage treatment.

Stop valve

The stop valve is mainly used to adjust the flow rate, and can also be used to open or close the flow of fluids. When the stop valve is closed, the sealing surface between the valve seat and the valve disc is in close contact, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the medium. The ultra-low temperature stop valve designed and produced by Farpro Yuanda valve manufacturer has the advantages of small opening height, short closing time, good sealing performance, high low temperature stability, and long service life. It is widely used in industries such as liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and liquefied ethylene gas.

Butterfly valve

The main feature of the butterfly valve is that it is easy to operate and has a relatively light structure and weight. The butterfly valve is mainly used to adjust the flow and is used as a shut-off device. Due to its simple structure and low manufacturing cost, the butterfly valve has been widely used in the petrochemical industry. The three-eccentric butterfly valve manufactured by Farpro Yuanda valve manufacturer has low torque, simple operation, replaceable parts, can be used in harsh working conditions, and has the advantages of low height, light weight, fast opening and closing, and can be made into a very large diameter. Widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, aerochemical, high temperature/low temperature working conditions, harsh working conditions, etc.

Check valve

The check valve is mainly used to prevent the backflow of the medium. It relies on the flow pressure of the medium to open and close automatically, which plays an important role in protecting the safety of equipment and pipeline systems. The lifting check valve manufactured by Farpro Yuanda valve manufacturer has a reasonable and compact structure, small size, and a streamlined and beautiful valve body. It has the characteristics of simple shape, good manufacturing process, and a wide range of applications.

Pressure reducing valve

The pressure reducing valve is used to adjust the pressure in the pipeline system to keep it within the set safety range. When the pressure of the pipeline system exceeds the set value, the pressure reducing valve can automatically open and discharge part of the medium, thereby reducing the system pressure.

The above are the types of valves commonly used in the petrochemical industry. Choosing the right type of valve can improve the efficiency of the system, reduce maintenance costs, and improve safety. When selecting a valve, factors such as the properties, temperature, pressure, and flow of the fluid need to be considered to ensure that the valve can work normally under specific working conditions. Farpro Yuanda is an excellent valve manufacturer with global business scope. Our valve body, valve cover, valve stem, cam, valve core, seal and other main parts are made of different material groups to meet various working conditions. We can also customize and professionally design and manufacture according to the working conditions such as fluid medium, pressure, temperature, connection size and other working conditions provided by customers.